Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations and Priddy Friendly Society Club Day

Priddy Friendly Society celebrated it's 2012 Club Day today,combining it with the village Jubilee celebrations instead of as usual on Bank Holiday Monday.

Roll call took place outside the New Inn but I was at church bell ringing especially for the service that is part of the tradition. Usually this would be followed by a super lunch in the village hall but this year the whole village was invited to picnic on the Green. A Picnic for one isn't much fun and I would have much prefered lunch prepared by the ladies who normally do such a fantastic spread, so I hope this doesn't become the normal arrangement.

Despite the usual Mendip weather - rain, mist, more rain etc, there was a good turnout and a happy atmosphere prevailed through heavier showers alternating with occasional dry spells. Fred Payne organised the children and adult sports and Mike oversaw the tug of war. All events were well supported and nothing dampened the competitive spirits!

Cam Valley Morris dancers had to wait quite a while for their chance to perform while the first of 2 bands were doing their sound checks. Eventually the hog roast was ready so I grabbed my supper and headed for home in the pouring rain.

As usual I took photos to record my memories of the day. Thanks to all who worked hard to make it an enjoyable day.