Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Classic Mendip Weather

This morning was a typical 'Blog from the Fog' day, just about as dismal it can be up here - fog, rain etc living up to the term 'thick as a bag' which often used to describe fog.

The forest was gloomy with cobwebs hanging amongst the trees and sticking to my face as we wandered amongst them. Strangely beautiful, quieter than usual because the fog dulls the sound of distant traffic. By 10.30am it's all gone, the sky is blue with puffy cumulus clouds and it's as warm as any spring day.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Frustrated Photographer

It's hard to accept that autumn is now well and truly here but the bracken is changing colour and leaves are being battered from the trees by rain and gusty wind, so it must be.

It feels as though this year is a non-event for photography and me - missed workshop opportunities, trips away and local events. Sometimes the momentum of life just too fast to spend time indulging myself into photography, and the longer I'm prevented from doing so the more frustrating it is.

So what's stopping me? - I've got my camera, computer and most importantly my eyes. Mostly it has to do with the health of those close to me. Bessie has been my companion since Fly died but now she can't walk long distances and especially not up hills, and Chris has just been diagnosed with a potentially very serious condition, which being a man he is ignoring!

I've also developed an aversion to Photoshop etc, I really don't want to mess around with my pics, I want them perfect, straight out of the camera. If they need much adjustment I dump them! When I worked in film the challenge was to get the negative 'right' and then make a decent print. Now it seems that it doesn't matter to some if the light is rubbish or the content/composition non-existent it can be tweaked 'til it squeaks in PS and voil⸍a - the perfect image :((

Time for another coffee while uploading about 4,000 pics and to contemplate a trip to the Lakes, or Snowdonia, or Cornwall ...............zzzzzzzz