Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

No More Snow Photos

After several weeks of freezing weather with snow on the ground for much of the time, just as I'm beginning to feel better and kick this Flu bug, the temperature has shot up by about 15 degrees and we have slush and fog.

I only managed a few personal photos of the dogs etc during most of the snowy period, Christmas day being the exception when I went to the coast, well Weston-Super-Mare! It was actually a real delight with snow on the beach to the tide line, crisp and crunchy.

It's good weather for making New Year Resolutions - sitting in the warm, with a cup of coffee and box of chocolates, yet another showing of ET on the television. Somehow the idea of making a very public declaration of one's intentions might make them easier to stick to.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Experimenting with Adsense

You may have noticed those pesky AdSense ads appearing with my recent posts and wondering why? Well, I'm curious to see just what Google deems appropriate and how that fits with my perception. I'm just dabbling at the moment with short posts because my brain is somewhat fuddled with the after effects of the flu.

According to the weather report I've just seen on BBC TV we are experiencing heavy snowfall - not here we're not!! They've just said it again - "particularly heavy in the south west of England". I've not been outside for 4 days now and starting to feel the need to record these snowy conditions and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Winter Flu

Somethings it seems you just can't fight and for me it's the flu :-( Day 3 and I've gone back to bed despite everywhere being covered in snow and a bright blue sky. I ventured out for a walk this morning just to take in the silence that snow brings. So far there's no sign of the 'pain in the butt' 4WDs that come up here to play or rather plague us.

Hooray for a laptop that I can prop up on my knees between dozing and coughing. Now if only I could concentrate long enough to do something useful........

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Now I Want to Buy Stock Photos

Buy stock photos? Me? It's strange how things turn out - a year ago I wouldn't have considered myself to be in the market for cheap stock photos, but here I am scouring iStock and Dreamstime looking for images to use on my website.

I've always been against the principle of royalty free stock photos. I considered it akin to selling my soul to the devil, and yet here I am queuing up to buy stock photos.

I'm only looking at the most inexpensive stock photos and I suppose you get what you pay for, but generally the quality is pretty uninspiring. Technically the images are fine but the content is questionable at times and it's hard to find appropriate poses. Mostly I'm looking for images of women in the age range 40 -60 years, but there seems to be a huge gap in the age ranges available - either very young, extremely slim girls/women or mature/senior women with regulation grey hair, glasses and too many wrinkles!