Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

At Last - My Photo Library is Organized

Its taken weeks to combine three photo libraries into one and tidy up my rather loose system of categories. It was a real chore but in many ways quite rewarding, as I discovered long forgotten and sometimes lost images from the past seven or eight years since I started using a digital camera. I think it will be fun to post some as a reminder of how digital photography has progressed. This image was taken in January 2000 at Blagdon Lake which at that time was a regular walking place.

gulls in the mist

Sunday, 10 May 2009



Bessie is now 14 years old and since Fly died she has moved up in the canine hierarchy to become my 'no.1 companion'. She accompanies me on my special photography trips and behaves impeccably which seems always to endear her to everyone. Sadly she is now quite deaf and a little jumpy at times but still enjoying life to the full. I regard her as very good for her age in most respects though a little weak on her rear end.

On Friday however I had a real wakeup call when she had a minor op to remove an epulis from her gum. Her blood test results were good so there was no reason not to give her a general anesthetic but despite only being given it for about 2 minutes her recovery was very slow indeed. 12 hours later she was still very wobbly when walking and couldn't stand for long - her back legs would just buckle beneath her. I was very fearful that this minor procedure was going to have serious consequences for her. However, yesterday she was much improved but now with very bad diarrhea and apparent associated discomfort. I gave her Diarrsanyl with several small meals of chicken and mashed potato which helped, and this morning she seems back on form. This experience showed so clearly how an older dog reacts to even very short anesthetic and definitely reinforces my view that its best avoided unless absolutely necessary.
Spring has been very different this year, it was late arriving because of the snow we had, April was warm and sunny, gently easing plants into life but May has, so far, been unseasonably cold, with strong winds at times. For this reason the bluebell season seems to have been extended with marked differences between the stages of flowering up here on the hill and down on the south side of the Mendips.

I give you todays photo - my favourite spring flower - the bluebell !!
bluebells  mendip hills

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Upton on Severn Folk Festival 20th Year

The first weekend is an annual pilgrimage to Upton for the festival. Its a lovely place to visit, the festival is friendly and so is the town. Its an opportunity to meet up with old friends and play some music.

It was good to see the town has recovered well from the floods of July 2007 although there are a few empty shops. Last year's festival was a bit subdued possibly due to uncertainty following the floods.

The were a good number of Morris sides both Border and Cotswold, sessions in the Swan and Kings Head were enjoyable but the Plough should be blacklisted for the sheer badmanners of the landlord/manager.

Clog Maker at work