Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday - Harry Patch 110 years old

A cold and windy morning with a wintry feel didn't deter War Veteran Harry Patch, aged 110 years from attending the service at St Cuthbert's church in Wells today. Apart from the local dignitaries, Royal British Legion, ROAB and members of other services, this year photographers from the national press were there and TV cameras too, mainly because of the presence of this remarkable old man.

Harry is the last surviving British soldier to have fought in the trenches of the Western Front during the First World War, and one of just two trench combatants still alive. He published his autobiography at the age of 107, the Poet Laureate wrote in his honor in 2008, and he was also awarded the Freedom of the City of Wells. You can read more about Harry here.

It felt just a little intrusive to be part of a group of photographers all snapping away at this frail old man in his wheelchair, he seemed oblivious to it all, he's been the focus of much media attention in the last few years. Whatever, I'm pretty certain that we all felt we were being given a very special opportunity to photograph this amazing gentleman and I will treasure my images of him.

Harry Patch

Saturday, 8 November 2008

SmugMug/Dgrin a Rant

Recent postings on the Dgrin forum, mainly in the Pro Sales Support list seem to be full of whingeing, whining and even bullying posts - When is this happening..... ? I want......, Tell us now ......, Why not......., OR ELSE...... etc, etc.

Folks if you want x,y and z, and its not available through SmugMug right now then get off your butts and go find someone who can give you what you want. Of course in the meantime you won't find anywhere better to host your photos, for customer service, value for money and good decent people who put up with your incessant demands. The latest request I've just noticed is for calendars for the holiday season - it's 8th November !!! you should have thought about calendars way back in September. Its impossible for one company to be all things to all people, get real and give the rest of us a break from your self-centered, ungrateful posts, and while you're are doing that throw all your toys out of your pram, scream and scream, stamp your feet and the guys at SmugMug and Dgrin will still reply in their usual helpful, courteous way.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Winter ?

The weather today has been horrible, it started off with a bitterly cold wind and fog, then rain and very stormy winds. I've actually worn some thermals that haven't seen the light of day for a couple of years, and there have been several mornings this week with frost which I love so much. As the sun breaks through everything seems to covered in tiny jewels, its a challenge to make a photograph before the sun starts to melt them away. I'm hoping that we really will have crisp and bright winter season and not endless days of rain and grey skies, followed by the inevitable mud. Today however was dark and gloomy so I took the opportunity to begin using my close-up lens, this also meant getting to grips with a tripod - all good fun and practice of something I haven't spent much time on for several years.