Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another Month Gone

Wow, this month has just flown by and my best intentions with posting more frequently here went right out of the window. Its not that I haven't taken any pics, I've been pre-occupied because Bessie has chronic renal failure and needs some extra attention and because of the hot, hot, hot weather we've had.

Cloudless skies, extreme heat, haze, green grass, green trees, green everything doesn't do much for me photographically:-( Even worse is the lack of rainfall which means streams and ponds are drying up into stinky little mud holes covered in flies.

The highlight of the month should have been the second workshop with Steve Lewis on 26th June in Snowdonia but the prospect of being on the Watkins Path for 6 hours in the glaring sun and heat didn't have too much appeal. I got as far as Hereford and then turned back:-(

Locally the highlight has been the magnificent display of wild orchids in the Minories area. The weather this year seems to have suited them well and I'm always drawn to photograph them.

Dogs have featured too, finishing up the month with a cooling swimming session in the pool at Netherwood by Dusty and Bessie. It was good to see them paddling around, something they've become reluctant to do in their old age.

As the month ends it seems the weather is on the change too so lets see what July has to offer.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Snow in June?

The seasons on the top of Mendip always seem to be a couple of weeks behind the lower slopes and valleys. This is a bonus to anyone who loves the fresh spring weather and spring flowers.

As I was driving from Priddy to Chewton Mendip I was struck by the beautiful blossom on the Hawthorn bushes and lines of Cow's Parsley along the roadside. The light was hazy and not great for photos but it really looked like a dusting of snow.

Hawthorn Blossom Mendips