Caroline Shipsey

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Stress and a Healthy Lifestyle

So there I was deciding what the next page I would write for my 'other' website would be, and having settled on Stress being the main topic, my day turned upside down and there I was really, really, stressed!

So I thought I would share the build up of teeny, weeny events that left me feeling totally frazzled by the end of the day.

Get ready to take dogs out, load them in car to drive somewhere nice:-)
Weather changes in 30 seconds from dull and dry to raining.
Change shoes and coat.

Start car - strange warning lights come on and refuse to go off.
Ring garage - "hmmm, better bring it in and we'll take a quick look".

Unload dogs, now very excited and confused - Hey, what about our run in the forest?

Garage very busy but they take a look - bad news, major fault with dashboard (I know it is very dusty but what can this be?).
Car has to go to main dealer to be fixed, very expensive, miles away, no loan car.....what!!!!

Good news - can still drive car in the meantime while they get organized, just ignore all warning lights and don't speed - Me speed??
Repair arrangements involve 2 visits to garage, both on days when I need the car to work - don't dare to tell them this and suggest other days.

Stress Level - High, anything related to a car is beyond my control!

Brain not functioning properly now, shall I cancel my work on 2 days next week or re-arrange - decisions, decisions. Can't really decide until next week anyway but continue to worry about it.

Return home, catch sight of self in hall mirror, Yikes, my hair looks like I've been electrocuted. Am reminded of bad hair cut 7 days ago, have overwhelming feeling of resentment to hairdresser. Damn it, why doesn't it grow.......

Take dogs for long awaited walk - stress levels reduce as I watch them enjoying smells, chasing rabbits etc, feel almost peaceful.

I said "ALMOST"!! As my big boy collie approaches I notice he seems to have more than usual black hair around his neck, strange.... but as he charges up to me I can see and smell, its fox poop - stress level increasing again, this will involve a wrestling match with hose pipe and dog, I will lose.

Suddenly my right knee makes a clunking noise as I bend down, pain follows, much pain.
Walking is uncomfortable, the thought of not walking dogs sends stress levels soaring.

Go to chemist for painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, manage to lose 1 packet before I get home - feeling stressed and irritable.

Decide its time to rest my leg and chill, hoping partner will prepare supper - NO CHANCE! Every move is uncomfortable as I shuffle around the kitchen preparing supper for us and 5 dogs. Still feeling stressed and now grumpy too.

2 dogs refuse supper, what can be wrong? Have they picked up some deadly poison or disease, its nearly the weekend which means massively inflated prices at the vet - stress level rising rapidly accompanied by extreme anxiety. Frantically checking cupboards for any leftover meds to give them.

Partner calls from lounge "When will supper be ready?" - Stress level sky rockets, much banging of dishes and kitchen utensils.

Finally supper is ready, 2 fussy dogs decide they will eat too and I am exhausted. Stress gives way to gloom and depression as I snuggle under a blanket to hide from the world keeping an eye on TV.

If you need any tips for reducing stress check these out and see which might help you.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oh so tempting, nearly spring?

Two consecutive days with an early morning frost and bright sun, I can hardly remember the last time this happened, and I've been able to enjoy some morning photography.

Yesterday I went to Deer Leap, it was thick fog at home but as the sun rose over the countryside it cleared and there was some interesting streaks of mist wafting around below me. This morning there was more frost so I headed to the forestry with macro lens and replacement tripod.