Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 17 October 2011

Assynt - Photo Tour with Colin Prior

Today I'm flying to Inverness where I'll spend another day before joining the group on Wednesday morning at 8.30am for 5 days of intensive photography workshop.

Loonies go to the Waterfalls

Saturday 15th October - Wales playing France at Rugby in New Zealand and the Brecon Beacon Loonies go to the Waterfalls, again!

This comment by Mark08 sums it up -
"Well we had a great day...Plenty of activity...
Watched the rugby, visited waterfalls, watched a big group canyoning down the river, a marriage proposal under a waterfall, a canon/nikon/Sony banter with some tourists, and somebody wanting to hear stan's sexy welsh accent..

What a shame Wales lost the the rugby:(

The weather was perfect, beautiful soft autumn sunlight and warm enough not to need coats etc. Unfortunately I appeared to have lost my spare battery for the 60D, both G12 batteries were flat and worst of all the plate for my Manfrotto 410 head also appeared to be missing. I was somewhat distracted by this but the company was as usual great and the scenery fantastic so that made up for it.

Group photo by Duncan Simey.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Call of the Sea

I couldn't resist it, packed the campervan and headed off for the coast for 24 hours of sun, sea and sand. Several days of unseasonal warm and sunny weather just compelled me to head south to the Jurassic coast at Sidmouth.

I never go anywhere without a camera but this trip was really as a 'Grockle' - 'Grockle' is an informal and often slightly derogatory term for a tourist - and not so much for photography. The day's are much shorter now with the sun setting around 6.40pm and rising just after 7am. My drive down on Saturday as the sun was setting was stunning but unattainable - nowhere convenient to get the van off the road to snatch some memories with the camera.

Walking along the beach wearing shorts and a t-shirt at 8 in the evening was such a treat - in August when I was last here I wore a fleece most evenings and often during the day! At about 6am I was ready to watch the dawn breaking and sunrise, and hopefully get a photo or two!

The rest of the day was spent being a "real" tourist - coffee, ice cream, walking along the prom, paddling, and playing ball with the dogs. It had a great atmosphere, and although there were lots of people AND dogs on the beach everyone was happily making the most of the exceptional weather. Truly a day to remember and cherish through the winter!

Dawn breaking at Sidmouth, Sunday 2nd October 2011. Not a cloud in the sky from sunrise until late afternoon, temperatures around 23/4C.  The amazingly warm weather we've had since 27th September  drew me to the coast.  I just had to smell the sea air, paddle and walk along the shore before we're plunged back into autumnal gloom.  24 hours in Sidmouth was the perfect solution.