Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Flirting with Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter etc

After resisting completely any association with Facebook, I've spent sometime over the past couple of months making contacts, keeping in touch with distant friends, and getting a far bit of useful information about all sorts of thing - and useless stuff too!

I've enjoyed myself and learned quite a bit but it's so distracting! You find me there at . I also have a page for my business Healthy Lifestyle Success where you can see what's happening with all developments there.

I think I've got the hang of it now, keeping a balance between what is useful and not getting involved in useless chitchat is the key to it for me.

Twitter has defeated me though! I think I could do with a crash course in how to Tweet usefully! It must be beneficial because so many businesses use it and it apparently is a 'must have'. Until someone comes to my rescue and guides me through hash tags, and @ symbols etc I'll just have to resort to the occasional "It's snowing"!

I've not been as active here on my blog as I should be - it's therapeutic to write here, I enjoy adding my photos and I hope others have enjoyed it, so once again (yes I know I've said it before!) I promise this time to write at least weekly.