Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Photo Books Online

Making your own photo books online is a great way to share your photos and also makes a special gift - perhaps for Mother's Day. In a matter of minutes you can create a personalized book with hardcover, and for an additional fee have it sent to you within 3 day. This amazing service is being offered by Photobox as a special offer for Mother's Day.

The reproduction quality is quite outstanding in all respects and although it's fantastic to produce a real book of your photos, this isn't going to be commercially viable. Whilst the cost is quite reasonable for something totally unique, to be able to sell multiple copies in a shop or gallery you would need to either negotiate a special price or find another way to get them produced.

Almost 20 years ago Tim Shipsey(my now ex husband) and I had our first book published
- Images of Exmoor. It took weeks of work with a designer to settle on the layout, size, number of pages, jacket design etc. Then the prints were sent to Singapore where the book would be printed. Several weeks passed before the proof pages arrived for scrutiny, and in some cases rejection. Then a further 6 weeks or so before the books were dispatched from Singapore, yet another delay while they sat on the docks at Tilbury, and then the big day when the pallets were delivered to the publisher.

The original print run was for 5,000 copies which sold in around 18 months without being remaindered, apparently a great achievement for a very specialized market! Five years later our second book hit the bookshop shelves and was similarly successful, though some copies were remaindered.

There is no denying the sense of pride and achievement when holding the first copy in my hands, and then on receiving the first royalty cheque!