Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 7 March 2011

-3°C Brrrrrrrr!

The past few days have been quite pleasant weatherwise, the sun has almost broken through a couple of times and there's no doubt that nature thinks that spring is here.

Buds are filling out on bushes in the hedgerows and daffodils are tentatively opening their flowers, bringing such a welcome splash of colour in my garden. Amazingly snowdrops are still hanging on, as a drive from home to Blagdon, followed by a walk at Ubley proved - patches of white on the verges, and nestling at the bottom of hedges in many places.

This morning is frosty yet again but at least it looks as though it will be a sunny day. My enthusiasm for gardening increases 1000 fold at this time of the year but more so this year because so much damage has been done by the snow and very cold temperatures in Dec/January. Everything I planted in pots and baskets that should have provided some winter colour just rotted away:(