Caroline Shipsey

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Renewed Faith

What a difference a phone call can make!

 More and more often I find myself wondering what the point of my photography is as the number, variety and quality of photos taken and shared over the internet increases exponentially by the hour. After all, I don't visit foreign countries, climb mountains or stalk wild animals, so what do I have to offer that is of interest to anyone other than me?

 Out of the blue comes a phone call from someone who really 'gets' what I'm doing with my photography. They feel the emotions that I do or did when taking the photograph. They can relate to me and my images, and want to use some of them on their website. Suddenly it all becomes worthwhile again. I don't mean from the financial point of view although obviously that helps too, but to feel that the images are valued gives me a wonderful warm glow inside.

With our dismal weather lately there's been little to inspire me to get out with the camera, though I take it with me sometimes when walking the dogs. Even today while stomping around in muddy boots with equally muddy dogs, I feel the inclination to take it with me and seek out something..........