Caroline Shipsey

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Primrose Day

This would have been the 70 something anniversary of my parents marriage - they did see 60 years together and then Dad died a couple of weeks later, but still it was quite a landmark.

Mum always used to say that the date of their marriage was Primrose Day and I always believed it was simply because this beautiful spring flower was always in bloom at this time of year.

Primrose Day began in England on April 19, 1881
when Benjamin Disreaeli died. Queen Victoria sent primroses to be placed on his coffin. England's Primrose Day sprang from this simple gesture.

The weather here for the past week has been miserable, not a bit spring-like, with heavy rain and hail which has battered most of the primroses in the garden and growing wild. Such a shame because they were particularly beautiful this year.