Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Re-discovering the Somerset Levels and Moors

I was browsing through the websites of some well known and highly regarded photographers when I had one of those "I've got one like that" moments. I was looking at a beautiful early morning shot of the Dorset countryside by David Noton. Hmmm, I thought, let's see how mine compares. The image in question was one of a series that I was kind of fond of, taken not of Dorset, but near my home and overlooking the Levels.

Eventually I found it, and its companions, lost amongst the morris dancers of Upton-on Severn, so now they are sitting happily in my Somerset Levels and Moors gallery on my website. Personally I think David's image is a little on the pink side, but we all place our own interpretation on an image when we edit it don't we?

Day Break from Lodge Hill

David Noton's website - 2 pic, on the RH side.