Caroline Shipsey

Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Favorite Photography Companion

Bessie has been my photo buddy for the past 2 years since Fly died in February 2008. She seems to like being an 'only' dog on these occasions, rather than one of a pack. She's very patient when I get engrossed in something and sometimes falls asleep while waiting for me.

I love having her with me but our walk to the Fairy Glen, in Snowdonia, a couple of weeks ago, which involved a long flight of big steps, was too much for her in hindsight. Her back legs and hips really suffered for several days after and its taken a lot out of her generally. Hopefully she's getting back to normal now with some extra TLC. It's easy to forget Bessie is now 15 years old - good old dog:-)

Bessie - collie dog