Caroline Shipsey

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Inspirational April

Wow! After a lousy summer last year and a very dark and dismal winter I had almost forgotten what more than one sunny day at a time looks like!

April has been beautiful but chilly so spring is developing slowly and as usual it is a couple of weeks ahead down off these hills. I always consider that to be a bonus, it feels like I can enjoy 2 springs - doesn't work as well for winter though.

My camera has been everywhere with me since I got my new bag which sits nicely around my waist and limits the amount of gear I can carry. Its a Lowepro Inverse 200. It's a compromise in some features but overall is well made and comfortable, and my camera is easily accessible without taking the bag off and putting it down on wet muddy ground, or in sand on the beach etc.

So, this month with good light, the new bag and a couple of trips away, I've been pretty active with lots of photos to sort through and get on my website.

Wood Anemone or Wind FlowerWood Anemone