Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Feeling Good with Feelfit

My health and fitness is really important to me especially as I get older. I want to be able to continue enjoy getting out into the countryside with my camera and dogs for the rest of my life. That means being able to carry a camera bag and tripod while hill walking for a day without feeling any ill effects.

Exercise has always been part of my life but I'm no super fit athlete, just a normal reasonably fit person. Osteoporosis crippled my Mum and sister so making sure it doesn't get me too is a priority.

My website for midlife women like me, is motivating me to find out more about the benefits of exercise, why its important etc and that led me to another great website

Its focus is on fitness and health making it a refreshing change from obsessive weight loss sites, and those that bombard you with ads for this and that supplement. Its a fun site that offers free and paid for exercises, a points system to monitor progress and accumulate credits you can use to pay for further exercise routines.

It was sufficiently motivating for me to join an online challenge for a coveted Feelfit Tshirt. 7 days doing 100 pressups and 150 crunches! So in case your wondering that's why there are are some pics of me being silly wearing the Feelfit T shirt on my photography site.

Steve Barret of Feelfit says "If you're moving, you're improving!"