Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fuzzy Feelings about Forums

Joining forums, browsing forums and posting on forums - sources of information, facts, feuds and sometimes friendships.

Forums can bring out the very worst in some people and can anguish and misery when they don't work well but a good forum is a real gem. I think I'm pretty lucky to have come across a few really good forums so I thought I would just sing their praises today. is the forum of Smugmug users, though not exclusively - you can still join and participate if you don't have a SmugMug account. It's members are mainly from the US and other non-European countries although the membership is pretty diverse.

SmugMug is where my website and photos are hosted.
It's the best photohost - best value for money, best choice of options for pro photographers, and best of all their customer service is the tops! Dgrin Support forums are populated by brilliant people who will do their best to answer any questions about customizing your SmugMug website that you may have and that is the section I follow. I've made friends too, and even met met up with Denise Goldberg, who has become a firm friend.

Talk Photography
is a different kettle of fish - mostly UK members, with some quirky owners/mods who have a hands on approach that contributes very much to the character and quality of 'their' forum. Step up Matty and Marcel, though there are others. It's a busy place with all the usual sections including a particularly good Business section and a great 'Meeting Place' section which is very active. There are always meets somewhere in the UK, arranged informally by members and open to anyone who wants to go along.

I would never have pictured myself going out for the day with a group of photographers that I'd never met other than on a forum, but here I am, doing just that and having a great time. Its proved to be a really good way of getting out to different places with like minded people, and having some fun taking photographs in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Its interesting that 7 people can be in the same location, not get in each others way and take such different pics!

So this post is my thank you to the good people I've come to know through forums, to thank them for their knowledge shared, advice given and friendships made.

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