Caroline Shipsey

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Travellers at the Minories

Summer is not happening here in the UK this year - spring was beautiful and full of promise but over the past 6 weeks we have had storms and enough rain to cause flooding. No mention now of drought or hosepipe bans. I can't remember when I last woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, its seems to have rained, at some point, every day for weeks. Today has been no exception because we have had rain and fog, so this really is a Blog from the Fog again today. The garden is looking sad and sodden, the wind has been so strong today it has blown complete flower heads from my rose and it feels more like October than July.
Yesterday I saw some Travellers with 2 horse drawn wagons struggling along in the pouring rain and today there have made their camp a mile or so along the road. It might look idyllic to see bow-top wagons and horses camped amongst the trees, but when the rain hasn't stopped for hours and the fog is down it doesn't have so much appeal. I always ask the permission of travelling people to photograph them and appreciate being able to record aspects of their way of life.

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