Caroline Shipsey

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Smugmug - the Ultimate etc etc - A Tribute

I have 2 websites for my photography and both are hosted by Smugmug. Just in case anyone has not heard of this company, their byline is "The ultimate in photo sharing. Online photo albums,photo sharing, photo hosting and photo storage". The key word here is "ultimate" and if you have even the slightest interest in any of the services they can provide I suggest you check them out.
This is not a review of Smugmug its a kind of personal tribute to it, and also to their associated forum Dgrin. For years I had sold framed and mounted prints through local galleries, exhibitions etc, quite successfully - thanks to all who supported me over the years! But it was time to rethink, I wanted to show my pictures but not have the hassle of servicing galleries, mounting, framing and so on. Enter, by chance Smugmug. For the past 6 months since I joined Smugmug I have been working almost on a daily basis at creating a home for my photos, a professional looking site where people could if they wish purchase photos direct. I'm not going to attempt to tell you about the features that are available, just visit Smugmug and see for yourself - what ever your level of interest or type of photography, there most definitely is a package to suit you. Its not free, but then nothing that is any good ever is, but it is worth every penny, cent, euro etc. and there are packages to suit your budget. Smugmug is incredibly good value for money, though there is something else that cannot be priced because it is invaluable, and totally amazing - it is the support, not only from the Smugmug employees, or SmugHeros, but from the 'community', the tireless, patient, knowledgeable people who frequent the Dgrin support area, and give so generously of their time and expertise, to help people like me to get the website we want. I've never seen any offensive language or unpleasantness that some lists seem to thrive on, there seems to be an unspoken respect for each other. I think this comes from the very top ie the founders of Smugmug and permeates through their employees, to their customers, its something I really like and is very special.

Thats enough - I'm getting all starry-eyed and emotional - this is a BIG THANKS to all of you and a plug for the best in everything photo hosting Smugmug. Check it out now, you will not be disappointed. and my personal photos.