Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Somerset Arts Work - Venue 60 Stoberry Park

Suddenly summer returned this afternoon and I was drawn to Stoberry Park in Wells where five artists are exhibiting their work in the beautiful gardens.

My particular interest was the stainless steel sculptures by Ian Marlow which I'd previously seen on many occasions in the Bishop's Palace gardens in Wells. Photographing stainless steel on a bright sunny afternoon isn't easy - burnt out highlights and deep shadows can be a problem but here are a couple of examples.

I don't have the words to describe Ian's work, so taking the words straight from his website, they are:-
"sculptures in stainless steel which explore natural movement."

ian marlow sculpture

ian marlow sculpture

It was real pleasure to meet Ian Marlow, and also Sonja Klinger who is a hot glass artist. Do take a look at their sites to see more of their beautiful work, and then take a visit to Stoberry Park.

stoberry park