Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 25 September 2011

SAW - Somerset Art Works

SAW was born in 1994, at that time it was Somerset Arts Week and a fairly small affair. I participated in the very first event and continued until 2005. Times have changed and it's now a two week affair with many more artists showing their work across the whole county. The following quote defines it's present form.....

Somerset Art Works (SAW) is a non-profit making organisation promoting the Visual Arts and creating opportunities for Visual Artists in Somerset through advocacy, promotion and development.

Now I've got that out of the way and if you've always wondered what the yellow arrows with numbers written are that appear around the county every September - they are the venue numbers in the catalogue! Put these 2 weeks in your diary next year if you enjoy driving around our lovely county looking at what our local artists are doing.

I had one artist singled out for a visit today - photographer Stephen Spraggon. I already knew his work would be first class, but isn't it great when you get to meet someone and they're first class too? It really adds to the enjoyment of the images when they've been created by such a thoroughly nice guy. Everything about his images and their presentation reflects this.

Anyway enough of this, check out Stephen Spraggon Photography - spend a while exploring the beautiful landscapes of the South West of England through the eyes of Stephen Spraggon.

At the same venue the work of artist Jennie Thomas was on show - another delight! Her beautiful evocative landscapes and coastal scenes are very yummy! I'm so pleased to have met Jenny too, a lovely lady whose love of the countryside shines through her images. Do take a look at her work Jennie Thomas - Art.