Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunrise/Sunset ?

Looking back through some photos from last year I found a folder I had called "Sunrise Sunset", and realized that I hardly ever take a sunset. For many, getting a great sunset image is an achievement, but I find that psychologically I much prefer the effect the sun rising has on me. The start of a new, exciting day, changing light with increasing brightness rather than getting darker, feeling the warmth of the day on my body rather than the advancing chill of the evening.

End of the day at  Llynnau Mymbyr, set amongst Snowdonia's highest peaks, are also known as the Capel Curig Lakes and are around 3/4 mile long, with a depth of 30 feet. The lakes are situated just outside the village of Capel Curig on the road to the Llanberis Pass (A4086). A delta halfway along the north shore, dissects the lakes.