Caroline Shipsey

Friday, 15 July 2011

Another Sunset, so soon!

Sunset from North Hill, Minehead.

Yesterday was a perfect summer's day, puffy clouds in a bright blue sky, a gentle breeze and the temperature hovering around 70°F. The air was relatively clear and my head and heart were being drawn towards Exmoor - more specifically North Hill, Minehead.

I wanted to see the sun setting over the sea, cliffs receding into the distance. I wanted to be alone, except for the dogs, just taking it all in.

It's just over 50 miles and about an hour and a half in the campervan so despite not leaving until 5.30pm I had plenty of time to have a good walk once I'd settled in.
At around 9.30pm the sun sank into the sea and the colours began to fade from the sky, which was a bit disappointing as sometimes the afterglow can be spectacular.

As I settled down for the night the moon appeared and illuminated the landscape but I was soon asleep and before I knew it the dawn was breaking at 4.30am. I watched the moon set into the moors towards Dunkery Beacon and then the sun rising - an amazing 12 hours! By 7 I was heading for home, ready to start work at 9am, and 6 hours on the phone ...Ugghhhh!