Caroline Shipsey

Friday, 17 June 2011

Moon Daisies Again.....

After becoming semi-obsessed with photographing Bluebells it's now the turn of Moon Daisies to be my No.1 subject.

Moon Daisies- it's becoming addictive trying to find perfect examples, they don't exist in nature.

I've searched constantly for the perfect daisy because I like perfection, but nature isn't like that! Tiny blemishes and marks are a real distraction, and although I'm not a great fan of post processing and retouching I had to do a little work on this photo. Actually there was a fly on one of the daisies too, so that had to go.! Why aren't all the petals evenly spaced? What insect nibbled tiny pieces from the petals?

I much prefer to use Photoshop for my retouching as I've used it for 15 years now. Lightroom tools never seem quite so intuitive me.