Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Making a Photo Book

Having had a couple of books published back in the 90's I've got an idea about layout, paper quality etc, perhaps more than most. This still doesn't make the choice of which company to use or what format it should be any easier.

I'm saying 'it' because foremost in my mind at the moment is some kind of special memento of Bessie's life and also Fly, who died 3 years ago. I did make a start on one for Fly but every photo just tore my heart out - not that I'm any less upset about Bessie's death, it's just that I'm more driven now. For all they gave to me in companionship, loyalty and affection, I need to honour that in some way, with a book.

Trying to decide which service to use is something of a minefield, so many 'publishers' to choose from! Several years ago when photo books were still pretty new on the scene I had a 'test' book made by Blurb which was quite good quality in both finish and image reproduction. I'll be spending some time researching before I make my final choice though.

There are hundreds of photos to choose from and I may even have to scan some negatives to make the story complete - 16 and a half years takes us back to 1995, pre digital for me. It will be a painstaking labour of love and also useful to share my findings for the benefit of others.

This is the earliest digital photo I can find at the moment, taken on New Year's Day 1999, at Beacon Batch on Blackdown, in the fog. Left to right - Bessie, Dusty, Fly and Minor