Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 10 January 2011

Where are the Snowdrops? - Favourite Spring Flowering Bulb

Of all the spring flowering bulbs snowdrops are my favourite. They bravely push their way through hard cold ground, so delicate and slender but surviving snow and frosts.

Some snowdrop bulbs have a surprisingly high value. They are sometimes sold for as much as £150 for a single bulb and can even be found for sale on eBay! I had always thought of them as being a typically English plant but not so - they come from Turkey, Greece and the Caucasus, though two kinds in particular grow well here – Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus plicatus.

To the novice enthusiast it comes as quite a surprise to discover just how many different varieties? there are. If I was a Galanthophile I would know the answer - this is the term used to describe a snowdrop enthusiast, taken from the Latin name for the snowdrop which is galanthus.

There is something about bulbs that I find appealing, especially the spring flowering bulbs. Such variety of colours and shapes starting with the snowdrop, then crocus, daffodils, hyacinth, tulips - all flowers which over the years I've enjoyed photographing and continue to do so each year without fail.

If you love these beautiful spring flowers and want to see them in your garden next year, try to buy them 'in the green' - this means with the leaves of this years growth attached. Specialist suppliers can provide them like this and they naturalize really well.

The first flowers of spring - Snowdrops