Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 30 August 2010

Wander at Weston-Super-Mare

Perhaps not the obvious place to visit on a Bank Holiday weekend but the weather seemed to have kept visitors down to reasonable numbers, at least where I wanted to be.

Parking on the beach cost a massive £4 but worth it so the dogs could be free almost immediately. It was very windy and occasionally chilly, sand blowing in clouds at times. The tide was out revealing the mud that catches out the unsuspecting person who thinks they'll walk out to the sea. It's not the most attractive seaside holiday resort but at least it is only 20 miles away!

What the beach lacks in features the sky made up for with it's own natural beauty - amazing light at times and great clouds - the blowing sand was a problem though, so I didn't want to expose my camera for long.

Weston-super-mare beach looking towards the Old Pier