Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I love England but ..................

Damn this UK weather, doesn't it know that flat light, rain and fog day after day are the kiss of death to a photographer? This winter seems to have been the most dismal in my memory, with just brief snatches of good weather and then back to the same old pattern that's been happening for weeks, if not months.

My attitude to photography on 'bad' days has always been to make the most of what we do have, there's always a picture somewhere, but eventually this gets pretty wearing. I want to be inspired, by what the Gods give us, not searching for the beauty out there. Grrrrrh!!

So here we are again, 7.15am its dark, I can hear the rain falling down the chimney and when I open the door to look out a damp chill hits me. Yuk!

Must search through some pics and see what I can find to cheer up this blog which is sadly lacking at the moment.