Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Broken Tripod

I'm not a great lover of my tripod but I really didn't mean to hurt it - despite the bruises that it regularly inflicts on me as it bumps around my legs and back, I've never treated it badly! So why did it just topple over on a sandy beach and break? My camera wasn't mounted thankfully, I had just taken the tripod off my back and was about to set up as the sun was going down on the beach at Shurton. This happened over a month ago but I've waited until now to do anything about it.

The tripod is a Giottos with a 5 year warranty and I bought it from my favorite equipment supplierMorris Photographic who always give first class service. I'm hoping that the damage won't be considered as misuse because that will invalidate the warranty. This model isn't available now so if it is replaced I'll get the newer model. I'll keep you posted.