Caroline Shipsey

Saturday, 8 November 2008

SmugMug/Dgrin a Rant

Recent postings on the Dgrin forum, mainly in the Pro Sales Support list seem to be full of whingeing, whining and even bullying posts - When is this happening..... ? I want......, Tell us now ......, Why not......., OR ELSE...... etc, etc.

Folks if you want x,y and z, and its not available through SmugMug right now then get off your butts and go find someone who can give you what you want. Of course in the meantime you won't find anywhere better to host your photos, for customer service, value for money and good decent people who put up with your incessant demands. The latest request I've just noticed is for calendars for the holiday season - it's 8th November !!! you should have thought about calendars way back in September. Its impossible for one company to be all things to all people, get real and give the rest of us a break from your self-centered, ungrateful posts, and while you're are doing that throw all your toys out of your pram, scream and scream, stamp your feet and the guys at SmugMug and Dgrin will still reply in their usual helpful, courteous way.