Caroline Shipsey

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lake District - 24 Hours to Departure

My plan is to leave home around 6am tomorrow and head for Glenridding, the destination for my holiday and seminar with Charlie Waite. Not only am I excited about the trip but also because I'll be meeting Denise.

I've been slowly packing my bags since the weekend, trying to be logical about what is really necessary and reminding myself to keep it simple. Its reassuring to remember that if I've forgotten or need anything in the clothing/walking line, there is a good shop in Glenridding and plenty of others nearby that will more than cater for my needs.

I've got hold of some out-of-print books by W.A. Poucher who was regarded as a leading mountain photographer following WW2, and also one which is a colaboration between Derry Brabbs (photographer) and Wainwright. These have given me a couple of ideas of places to go that will, weather permitting, at least give me a better insight to the area and hopefully some decent pics.

The two pics below were taken when traveling home from Skye in 2006 and 2007, no time to stop and explore just quickly grabbed as we were passing through, enough to make me long to go back and spend more time ..........

Bessie, seen below will be my canine companion on this trip.