Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Lake District 2008 19th -26th September 2008

I had intended writing up my blog everyday and including just one image from each day, but there simply wasn't time and anyway the broadband connection was so slow at times it wasn't practical.

The weather was superb for a holiday but not always great for photography but we made the most of it anyway. Denise and I had some good walks together and separately, absorbing the atmosphere of the area and experimenting with our ND filters.

I was very privileged to be taken by the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team landrover to the place where Jim, my nephew was found by them on 19th January 1994, after falling from Swirral Edge. He was concious when they found him but died in the helicopter on the way to hospital. It was very moving to see the place and hear the facts first-hand from the man who found Jim, my mind has often been troubled by the knowledge that no-one from the family had visited this place or met the people who so generously give of their time to rescue the casualties that are inevitable on the unforgiving Fells.

Saturday afternoon meeting up with Denise was great, I really enjoyed her companionship, especially on our two big (in our eyes)walks before the seminar began. How I wish we had more time to talk, there just so much to cram in. Thanks to Terry Gargrave's suggestion we walked up Glenridding Dodd late on Saturday afternoon in beautiful sunshine and good visibility. Bessie appreciated walking on relatively soft ground after our earlier walk back from Brown Cove.

After a leisurely start on Sunday we headed up Place Fell, starting out in reasonable light but as time went on it became more and more gloomy. Despite this it was still possible to appreciate the views and get a feel for the grandeur of the Fells. The path has been restored/relaid for much of the higher part which took a little of the feeling of adventure away from it. The materials to do this had been dropped by helicopter, some bag of rocks remained.

Monday found me driving, Kirkstone Pass, Wrynose Pass and Hardnott Pass, Buttermere and a sunset. There is an amazing Roman Fort at the bottom of Hardnott Pass and as Bessie's feet were sore we spent some time pottering around here.

Tuesday - a low level walk in Grisedale, wonderful light and good distant views, the anticipation of meeting up with the rest of group for the Light and Land tour.

The days were full and very enjoyable, a great group of people and I was inspired and learned a few things. As I'm going to write a review of the holiday for the Online Fellwalking Club so I'm saving any further details for that.

The weather stayed dry and warm all week, the journey home was in sunshine all the way and all that remains now is to finish editing my photos.