Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Seeking Inspiration

The great British summer is continuing with rain, thunder and lightening and strong winds. Looking around at gardens in other villages ours looks very sad, battered by the rain and seasonally behind it seems - so much for living on the Mendips.

Although the garden is small and plain I chose plants that I hoped would provide me with subjects to photograph throughout the summer - colorful, interesting forms and variety but its mostly green and rain sodden. OK I'm being a bit gloomy here, there has been some beautiful light and clouds, but they are so fleeting by the time I've gathered the camera bag and got in the car to drive out somewhere we are back in the rain again.

So what is the point of writing this today, well I'm desperate to find a totally absorbing project to commit to photographically. Having a new dog in the family has provided another doggie photo collection, you can see the happy bunch here. Fellow dog lovers will be interested in my never ending stream of dog photos but there has to be more. So I'm floundering, my first love is the landscape and country ways of life but I need the proverbial kick in the butt to move on to pastures new.