Caroline Shipsey

Friday, 27 June 2008

Rain, Rain

Well,its Glastonbury Festival this weekend so its inevitable that there would be rain - lots of it, as there has been this afternoon and evening. Equally inevitable are the television pictures of mud plastered festival goers enjoying themselves.

Rosie, has been with us now for a month and has settled in really well. Apart from some tummy upsets she has been no trouble at all. She is showing signs of feeling her feet a little now though and is not quite so responsive as when she first arrived. Time to do some really consistent training I think as she is just at the age where she could become quite a delinquent.

Photographically, this is a dead time for me, I'm uninspired and lacking creativity, really need something to kick start me. Book projects, print sales, commissioned work - none of these hold the slightest attraction at the moment, it actually feels burdensome to think about.