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Saturday, 27 October 2007

PhotoBooks - the way to go ?

This week saw the announcement that Smugmug, who host my website and photos, has joined forces with Blurb the POD photobook printers. At first look this seems like a great union but a quick look at the Blurb forum shows that all is not well in the customer service dept. at Blurb. Now as SmugMug excel here I suspect that any Smuggers using Blurb would find this very hard to accept. There's no doubt in my mind though that SmugMug would not associate themselves with anything less than 1st class,so I'm sure any shortcomings will be resolved. I've been considering using one of these POD services myself for sometime now, but the major consideration apart from quality is always shipping to the UK from US companies. Still thinking around this because ......

There is nothing quite so thrilling as seeing 'your'photographs in a 'real' book. I can write from experience having twice had books published back in the 90's. Images of Exmoor (1992)was the first color photographic book published by Exmoor Books, a joint partnership between Exmoor Press and the Exmoor National Park, and was followed by Images of Exmoor - Coast & Combe in 1997. The photographs in both these books were taken solely by myself and former husband Tim, the books were commissioned and we received royalties on all sales - quite an achievement for a couple of dedicated photographers with no formal training! Amazon currently have 6 copies listed, including 1 copy as 'collectible' with the comment 'signed by both authors'.

clipped from
Images of Exmoor
Images of Exmoor
by Tim Shipsey and Caroline Shipsey
(Paperback - Oct 17, 1997)

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from $28.14
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