Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 1 October 2007

Monday Mendip Mist

Its being generous to call it mist, more like drizzle and fog. As this is supposed to be my photography blog you might expect that I would illustrate what I mean. Let me tell you, its bad enough having to look out of the window and see this dismal weather without having a collection of photographs to remind me of it. There is absolutely nothing attractive about it and I've no intention of wandering around in the rain in the hope that a stunning image will form before my eyes. This is the kind of rain that penetrates your camera bag, sends huge drips down your neck and mud splashes up your legs.

If I drive just a couple of miles down hill its like being in another world, almost not raining, clear skies, ok they are grey, and about 5 degrees warmer - fahrenheit that is. Centigrade doesn't sound as impressively different. May I plead with the weather Gods - send me a winter of frost, lots of it, day after day. Add to this some fog, YES REALLY, and we will have such beautiful formations that I will be in photographic heaven. No more of these dull, damp and mild winters please, they are death to a landscape or nature photographer - I don't want to die this winter. What do you mean 'Get Creative' - come and take a look and see what you can make of it.