Caroline Shipsey

Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

After deciding there were other and better ways to make occasional posts I've come back to the blog, it's an uncomplicated place to do a little writing, post a photo or to and link to other sites of interest to me.

The first 6 week of this year have continued to live up to the title of this blog and this morning is no exception, it's another Blog from the Fog day.

Catching up on the weather so far, it continues to be wet, wet, wet!  Everywhere I walk is absolutely sodden and the sky is mostly grey day after day.  In the middle of January we had some snow which fell thick and fast, then hung around for almost a week.   You can see some of my images over at my website

There are signs of spring despite the weather - snowdrops in my garden have been coming up for about 2 weeks now and there are plenty in the hedgerows.  Catkins and pussy willow can also be seen in hedges and in woodland.   If we are to have a better summer this year the Gulf stream needs to move back north a bit and let our normal weather pattern return.