Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Winter Has Definitely Arrived

What a surprise when I woke up this morning to see the garden covered in snow and huge snowflakes still falling! Not great weather for driving or walking but as usual the dogs won and we walked from home to Stockhill.

The snow was still falling and the wind bitter but dogs never seems to care. I struggled for shelter from the snow so I could capture this early winter wonderland. The Beech trees are still hanging on to some of their leaves, so it was a very unusual site to have snow laden trees with their yellow and golden leaves.

 I walked for about 90 minutes and by then the snow had stopped and the skies were clearing. By about 11 am the snow was thawing and blue skies provided a beautiful backdrop to the now bright white hills. Given that at least 2 inches of snow had fallen the thaw has produced huge puddles across the roads and saturated the ground even more.

Caroline Shipsey Photography: Caroline Shipsey's Blog from the Fog &emdash;