Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dunraven Bay, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

27th August - A fantastic day trip to the beautiful Dunraven Bay, not ideal weather for photography in the practical sense though!

Grey skies were cleared by about 11.30am by the strong winds and as the tide turned and started to run back in, the sea and sky were everything a photographer could dream of.

"We" - a group of 13 photographers brought together by the TalkPhotography forums - started the day on the beach at Dunraven and then after lunch went down the steep, narrow path to Traeth Mawr. Here, the tide was coming in fast and the sea getting rougher with massive waves crashing into the rocks.

Trying to catch the wave at is biggest, most spectacular point of impact was almost addictive, but not the best environment for expensive cameras and lenses!

Some practical points to consider:-

Don't leave lens caps off, protect the lens form the weather at all times!

Have cleaning cloths handy.

Try not to change lenses too often - both the camera body and lens are vulnerable to the elements. Make sure to be as protected as possible from wind, rain etc.

Keep an eye on the weather, keep kit organised so it can be packed away quickly and don't lose small items.

Traeth Mawr - Glamorgan Heritage Coast, South Wales, UK - incoming tide.