Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goodbye Bessie 27th May

Friday was such a sad day, it was obvious that it was time to say goodbye to my dear, sweet Bessie. Old age finally caught up with her and life was just too hard.

It all ended very peacefully in the garden with us all there and the sun shining - couldn't have been better. David, my vet came specially to do this even though he was on holiday really. Quick, kind, gentle, hugs, tears.

Bessie's Diary - her last few months in photos.

22nd March - This was taken about 3 years ago, and I'm including it because I don't want to dwell completely on what is happening now.Bessie loves to make 'nests' outside to sleep in and can hide herself away completely, not responding to any amount of calling!  This was taken on the towpath of the Kennet and Avon canal. She looks so serene to me, and so pretty.Notice her ears, how softly turned over they are now?  Since she has become almost totally deaf they never lie like this anymore - as though she is always straining to hear just a little sound.

Sleeping in the garden in a favourite place waiting for David to come - peaceful and comfortable, her last photo.

27th MarchI ran ahead to try again for a shot of them side by side but Dusty was distracted by the number of dead frogs on the path - Yuk!

24th MarchAll together in the Forestry, a beautiful spring morning perfect for walking dogs.  Bessie had a nasty upset tummy - severe diarrhea, thankfully it happened outside!  I was going to rest her today because of this but she had other ideas and so did Dusty. We  walked in the woods at Masbury at around 3 o'clock and then again in Harptree Woods at about 5pm.  Both her and Dusty asked to come on the last walk so why not?  I'd rather have a knackered but happy dog on her last legs through doing doggy things than a sad, miserable one.The biggest surprise of all came at suppertime, she came into the kitchen looking  at me with the expression that used to say 'I'm hungry', but hasn't of late, so I gave her some Hills AD, and more, then more again.  She ate a whole tin - 150gm from her bowl! It's the first time she's eaten from her bowl in weeks.