Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Quiet Country Sunday

After all the excitement of last Sunday -the fire at Priddy Mineries, followed by a double shooting in Westbury sub Mendip,. today has been rather uninteresting.

The weather is very settled in a warm and sunny phase, though cold overnight, so the countryside is really beginning to look lush and green. Bluebells are on the point of flowering, Ladies Smock providing a gentle lilac haze along verges and wild garlic will be filling the woods with their wonderful aroma in a couple of weeks or so.

It always amazes me how quickly nature responds to warmer weather. I was taken by surprise this afternoon when I walked by some Beech trees with buds barely open 24 hours ago, yet now their translucent, delicate leaves are rapidly unfolding.
This delicate phase is soon over so if, as usual, I'm going to indulge my passion for these beautiful leaves I'll have to be quick.

Fresh young beech leaves

Any lover of the countryside with a camera is in Seventh Heaven if the weather is kind at this time of year. We have a window of opportunity that lasts for about 2-3 weeks before the fresh bright colours of spring deepen into more even shades of green.

So grab your gear and make the most of this spring. You don't need any expensive equipment, a modestly priced compact camera or even the camera in your phone is a good enough starting point. Take a walk or bike ride - maybe I'll see you somewhere!