Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Chance to Play

After yet another dismal day yesterday - fog and rain nearly all day - today was a real joy. Sunny, much milder and some lovely light, and the chance to play with the recently acquired Sigma 15-30mm lens.

Duncan came out with me to put the lens through some comparison tests using my lens on his camera, and his 24mm TSE on mine. The conclusion was that it was a really good lens, especially on the 40D with crop sensor. The unfavorable reviews that moan about lack of sharpness certainly didn't ring true, any more than the comments about it being very prone to flare - come on, its a wide angle lens!!! 15mm wide on a crop sensor camera equates to 24mm, plenty wide enough for my purposes, without too much distortion of view

Duncan took advantage of me rolling around on the ground while trying to take some shots up into the branches of this huge old beech tree!