Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Blog from the Fog Day

Its a typical Mendip day today - thick fog, windy, rain, a real stay inside day for many people. The wind has been particularly strong recently bringing down the leaves before they have changed colour. I'm heading for a quick visit to Snowdonia later in the week revisting the location of our last workshop with Steve Lewis which was beautiful but very green a month ago.

Earlier this week I was horrified to discover that my transfer of images from iPhoto to Lightroom was not complete when searching for a specific pic of Rosies noses. Life was much easier when I catalogued contact sheets and negatives, no risk if deletion or inadvertently hiding something deep into folders long since forgotten. I find myself hankering for the ease of sifting through a pack of prints and adding favourites to a beautifully bound album, so much more satisfying than struggling with software - hmmmm just having a dinosaur moment:-)