Caroline Shipsey

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mendip Snow Continued

A quick recap on yesterday, Saturday's weather and events.
At last some sunshine and blue skies, if you only look at the sky it could have been a summer's day with beautiful cumulus clouds and the brightest of blue sky this morning. At last I was able to find the images I had been hoping for, beautiful formations of snow drifts.

The road from the Hunters down to Wells, the Old Bristol Road, was closed by the police in an effort to stop the joy riding that had been a problem late on Friday night. Apparently there were quite a few 4x4 vehicles trying to use the route for fun, causing problems for our neighbors on the brow of the hill, which is where they all got stuck or had to turn round. There were still a couple of prats who think they can do what they like without any consideration for anyone else - OK I'm grumpy, but when the quietness generally experienced is shattered by revving engines, spinning tyres and showers of slush its hardly suprising.

Walking in snow and on ice seems to use muscles that have been dormant for a while and after 3 good walks my legs feel pretty well exercised, shame it's not my tummy getting the workout.

 Ols Bristol Road towards Hunter's Lodge