Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 19 January 2009

Clicks, Trips and Renewing Old Acquaintances

The past week has been really busy and varied. To summarize, I re-joined the Royal Photographic Society after a gap of several years which means my Licentiateship is reinstated. As a result of this John Hankin and John Long, both friends from my early days of photography, have 're-appeared' - they each have administrative involvement in the RPS workshops and assessment panels for Distinctions.

On Sunday 18th I went to Aldbourne to a meeting of the RPS Digital Imaging group. There was an interesting presentation on the improvements in Photoshop CS4 over CS3 followed by the chance to see some members prints.

The weather was very cold but clear skies and piercing sunlight, not really my choice for photography but Bessie needed a walk so on the journey home we walked along the Ridgeway. It was pleasant enough but I didn't find the countryside very inspiring, just one rolling hill after another with a few clumps of trees her and there. OK I know it is steeped in history etc ........

I've added a few much needed bits of kit to my camera bag, the most interesting being a Canon TC-80N3 Remote Controller. As long as I can remember how to use it I'm sure it will be very useful !!