Caroline Shipsey

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Quantocks & Shurton

On Sunday 7th December I spent a fantastic day in the company of Christina and Duncan on a photographic excursion. This was a first for me - 3 friends going off for the day purely to take photographs, not a workshop or seminar just a day out, and it was such fun to be sharing the excitement of finding images in unlikely places and yet not smothering each others imagination.

Duncan had volunteered to drive which was just as well as the road down Cheddar Gorge was treacherously icy, not that we were really aware of this until we rounded a bend and slid to a rather tentative halt behind a car embedded in the rocks and several others scattered randomly around, their occupants having emerged and teetering on the glass-like surface looking on. It had been the coldest night of the year and black ice has been a problem during the past week so we proceeded with caution.

Our walk took us from Holford up on to the Quantocks and then down Hodder Combe. I really wasn't looking for landscapes, my plan was to use the 70-200m lens all day, to force me into looking at everything a little differently than usual. We took longer than expected to complete this part of the trip as every few paces one of us would find something else leaping out and demanding to be photographed. (Thanks Denise for the metaphors). After a hearty soup lunch in Kilve it was onwards to the beach at Shurton. Despite the brilliant sunny weather the light was beginning to fall as we rushed down the long muddy path to the beach with no time to really plan anything we were scurrying around, marveling at the sinking sunlight and weird rock formations. All too soon the sun was gone but we carried on until the last colour had gone from the beach and walked back to the car by torchlight.
Shurton Beach