Caroline Shipsey

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The stormy winds that have been blowing for the past 36 hours have battered trees everywhere, leaves are falling fast, making any prospect of rich autumn colors an unlikely prospect. There is a chill in the air too, could it possibly mean that we are going to have a cold winter ? It was cold and blustery when I walked this afternoon - hailstones, grey-black clouds and deep puddles.

There are many photos still to sort from my Lake District holiday so I was reluctant to take anymore, but suddenly there was a tiny delicate fern growing in the top of a rotting fence post right in front of me. So instead of 'taking' a photograph, I 'made' this picture. The difference between 'taking' and 'making' a photograph was discussed last week during the seminar. The term 'taking' somehow conveys an impression of carelessly snatching something with little care or thought, whereas 'making' feels more considered, giving more importance to subject.