Caroline Shipsey

Monday, 3 December 2007

Exposed - The Exhibition

Following on from my post yesterday I thought I would share my thoughts about the exhibition. It was the images of Joe Cornish that really brought home just how climate change is affecting our landscape.
He works with a large format camera - an 5x4 Ebony field camera, I believe shooting transparencies. His website has a great deal of information about his equipment and methods of working. Although Joe fully embraces digital technology he does not currently shoot digitally.

Anyway, back to the exhibition, apart from landscapes, there were images of properties owned by the National Trust that are being severely affected by the amount of rainfall. Many of these buildings simply weren't built with the extremes of rainfall we now receive, their guttering and roof design can't cope and the end result is evident in damp and rotting timbers. Ludicrously, because many are listed buildings it is difficult to make necessary alterations due to planning restrictions.
One of Joe's images shows ""The ‘permanent’ snowline above 610m (2000ft) in winter is already a thing of the past, as this image of Carneddau taken winter 2005/6 illustrates. Predictions are that by 2080 there may be up to 80 percent less snow with most areas experiencing more runs of snowless winters.""